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Chão Sobral Mountain Rythms - December 2011


Permaculture Design Principles explained during the following subjects

During the morning, starting 8h30:

Rhythms of Agriculture:

- Farming practices:

- Farming with the 4 seasons

- Crop rotation and animal rotation (sheeps and goats)

- “Return of surplus”: The construction of terraces and "tunnels"

- Permanent biomass harvest from the mountain shrubs (Erica, Cytisus, Genista)

- Farm animals, and manure production: goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, oxen

- Hay, perennial grass harvest and fixing carbon in the soil

- Water systems, springs, waterways, tanks, creep "summer dams", community ownership and management

- Trees

- Mulch, poles and fire wood from the pine and strawberry tree forest

- Nitrogen fixing trees

- Tree crops

- Wild useful herbs

- Fires

Hands on, depending on the season:

- Potato harvest and vegetables for lunch

- Making bread in wood fired oven

- Making fresh goat cheese

12h30-14h30 Lunch

Afternoon subjects:

Collective and Culture Rythms

- Building houses with xist and chestnut trees wood

- The conviviality and the works of the “União Progressiva de Chão Sobral” (peoples association)

- "Zone 4&5" The management of the commons land

- The writers and literature in Chão Sobral

- Local trades and business

- Economy “0 waste”

- Handicrafters “live”:

+ Knifes

+ Carpets made with cloth stripes

+ Arraiolos tapestry

+ Treeroots handicraft

+ Medronho, spirit, liquors

+ Xist, souvenirs



- 30 euros

- Contacts: joaovox @ yahoo . com or 96 96 80 009

- Minimum 4, maximum 10 participants

Restaurants nearby:



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